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~~~~ Cum to me my with my perfect hair, look deep into my beautiful eyes, taste my soft, pouty lips...Lose yourself in my world of fantasy, ecstasy and love!!! ~~~~

What makes me a special girl? U can see it when we stay alone and i show u how i like to do it! i am latine very hot lest go play love

i love sex with toys

i love sex ready for all games i would like to be so sex erotic fervent hot naughty cute kind and so friendly

stroke my all body dancing so erotic and putting cream or oil for all my body sex

i am a beautiful and hot girl be able to indulge your pleasures beyond of a real sexul fantasy i am watting for you baby just do it come to see me baby Im an active girl, like meeting new people, having new frinds, know something new from them. I am very open and looking to fulfill your fantasies to the fullest.I'm worth the private session, I will make sure you feel like the king or queen that you are.all eyes on you love.lets chat

Only fetish I have is that I love having my toes sucked!! Not extreme to where it becomes awkward, but enough to get my heart racing and craving for his or her mouth to move up my body!! If a guy or girl would love to pour wine over my toes first, and then lick it off, that would send my to the top!!!

I have a fantasy probably like many others do, which is to return home from work and walk into my bedroom with my guy getting a blow job from another woman. I think that I'm pissed for a second, but then realize that I had a long hard day at work and arguing is too exhausting so I instead join in! We then enjoy the evening setting orgasms after another till we are all fulfilled. Also have the fantasy of doing the dishes and having my guy come up behind and slowly pull my panties down and kiss my cheeks and enjoying the touch of his tongue and lips on the skin of my backside.he then forces me to turn around so he can enjoy my now extremely wet love box that was alone all day waiting for him. When he makes me orgasm with his mouth alone, we move to hot passionate sex on the counter tops or with me bent over taking it hard and with authority.Fantasy with a woman would be me going to an important meeting to discuss adult issues or problems that have been happening and the lady I went to meet starts to go over the topic at hand. I notice though as she uncrosses her legs to recross them, she isn't wearing any panties. I have heard rumors previously that she has had some fun with both woman and men, and even threw a sex party at one time. But that was all rumors, so I thought nothing of it coming to see her today. She continues talking, but all I can do is nod my head yes, trying to pay attention as to what she is saying, but can't keep from glancing down at her long tan legs just hoping for another peek. She must have noticed me looking, and started to smirk. She then uncrosses her legs and leaves them open for me. I start to feel uncomfortable, but not in a way that I wasn't liking the view, but in a way for me not knowing what the next step should be. It was almost like she could hear my thoughts, and instantly stood up and crossed towards me. My heart start racing and she politely asks me "do you like what you see" I of course shake my head slightly and with what little breath I have I say "every bit of it" She knows that I want this as much as she does, and takes my hand and walks me over to the nearest desk in the room. She then unbuttons my blouse, and softly kisses my chest making her way to my nipples.I yearn for more! She ventures her way down, kissing every inch her lips are able to touch. My moist opening between my legs want her lips to meet there faster then what she is willing to do. She wants to kiss and drag her tongue on my beautiful untouched thighs. She starts to makes her way north again and finds my sweet wet craving her touch. First she kisses it.slowly separating my lips with her tongue, and reaches up to insert one finger inside. I moan wanting more, she gives it to me.enjoying my taste and using two fingers now inserting in and out and she comes back up to my mouth and kisses me passionately so I can tasted the sweet juices that she tasted. She caresses my clit harder yet with the most sensual touch and goes faster. I'm ready to cum and she knows it.she wants me to, she wants to enjoy the taste of it, she keeps going, and doesn't stop. I can't take it anymore, she is enjoying my magic spot while slightly biting my nipples. My heart is racing, my moans are louder, I want it so bad. She goes full force, moving her fingers perfectly with the motion of my body. I fell it cumming. I feel the fireworks being lit. I feel the takeoff. Finally my body goes stiff and I hold my breath.EXPLOSION!!! I enjoy the seconds that feel like minutes of pure bliss. She smiles so sweetly up at me, and says softly in my ear, "thanx for attending our meeting today.glad you could make it.lets schedule again for next week!!" I am completely fun and outgoing. I love having a good time and I enjoy making others happy so I like to explore their interests and doing what they enjoy.

im open with fetishes I know many people have different likes so I like to give them chances. I have had people already ask me about foot fetishes so I have experience with them.

I have many fantasies one is girl on girl but me being dominate and controlling the situation. I have this Cowboy fantasy where he is shirtless and muscular has a great tan and he rides up on his horse wearing torn up levis and riding boots and comes over and takes his hat off to give to me and then pulls me up on his horse. the rest is for you to find out


Sex is like math: you add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and pray you dont multiply))) I looooooove math! Turn me on with your math ability )))

Kira Miro nude in Amanece

Kira Miro nude in Amanece